Listings on our Site

All physicians, medical service providers, and medically related businesses that are located on the Main Street Medical Mile receive a complimentary listing on our web site by virtue of having a City of Alabaster business license. The web site currently lists all physicians, medical providers, and medically oriented businesses that meet these criteria.

If you are not listed on the site and meet the listing criteria above, please make sure you have a valid City of Alabaster business license. For information about business licenses, click here for information on the City of Alabaster web site, or call (205) 664-6844 during regular business hours.

If you meet the listing criteria, have a business license and are not listed on the site, please click here to complete our help form and we will assist you.

Claim Your Listing

Claiming your listing allows you to edit the information that it displays to the public. To claim your listing, locate your listing on the site by searching for the physician or business name or navigating to the listing by specialty, then click the Claim My Listing link to the right of your listing.

First, select the listing upgrade option you wish to purchase. Click the “Types of Listings” button above for an explanation of the listing upgrades that are available.

Next, you will enter your name, email address and password to create a user account on our website. By creating an account, you will be able to log into the Medical Mile website later and make changes to the listing that you are claiming. You must enter the information on the form that is marked with a red asterisk is required before you can claim your listing.

Important Note: An email address can only be associated with one user account and listing on our website. If you are claiming listings on behalf of multiple doctors or businesses, you should use the email address of the individual doctor or business rather than your own. The email address associated with the user account can be different than the email address shown on the listing.

Now, you will enter the information that will be displayed on your listing including the business or practice name, phone, address, email and web site. You will also be able to type or paste a bio that describes the doctor or business. Words placed in the bio are searchable, so adding things like the doctor’s most popular procedures or services will make the profile appear in searches entered by website users.

Last, you will enter your payment information. Our website accepts all major credit cards for payment. When you submit the Claim My Listing form, your card will be billed for the amount of your listing. This amount is a recurring annual charge that will be billed automatically to your card each year on the anniversary date.

Important Note: You can update your payment information and cancel your listing on the “My Listing” page in the top menu.

Types of Listings

The Main Street Medical Mile website has three types of listings. The features of each type of listing are explained in the chart below.


Become a Sponsor

All businesses are welcome to sponsor the Main Street Medical Mile website. Sponsors receive a 300×100 banner ad that is displayed randomly on the front page, and in the right sidebar of each page on the site other than pages for individual listings. Banner ads can link to the web address of the sponsor’s choosing.

Sponsorships are limited and are available on a first-come first-served basis. Please click here and complete our contact form for pricing and other sponsorship details.