Alabaster Announces Main Street Medical Mile

Alabaster Council Member Stacy Rakestraw was visiting her home town of Jonesboro Arkansas when she noticed an advertisement for Matthews Medical Mile. “I was in Arkansas and saw a billboard for the Matthews Medical Mile. I researched what it was discovering that it was a promotion of the medical community centered around St. Bernard Hospital,” shared Rakestraw. She reached out to a good friend, the controller of St. Bernard Hospital who in turn got her in touch with the marketing director who managed Matthews Medical Mile. “I knew immediately the idea would work in Alabaster. There are not many cities that have what we have,” exclaimed Rakestraw. And from this encounter the idea of Alabaster Main Street Medical Mile came into existence.

Stretching for approximately a mile on Main Street in Alabaster is the heart of the medical community in Alabaster. The Main Street Medical Mile starts just north of the Main Street Downtown section. It ends just north of the 1022 Tower. Along this corridor lies over a thousand doctors, specialist, clinics and healthcare industries. Rakestraw knows that the medical community is a large economic engine in Alabaster. “The amount of people who will come to the city to utilize the great medical services we offer makes a huge economic impact,” she enthusiastically said. The goal for the Alabaster Main Street Medical Mile is to bring awareness to what is already offered in this concentrated area. “There are not many cities that have what we have,” she shared.

Mayor Handlon believes that this new marketing effort will bring even more people into Alabaster. “Our own Main Street Medical Mile will bring awareness to our healthcare sector and draw even more business to the city from a much larger radius than just the city limits,” she shared. She continued, “When I heard the idea from Stacy I was thrilled to be promoting a sector of the city’s economics.”

The medical community has embraced the concept as well. “As Shelby County’s only hospital, we are very pleased to see the creation of the Main Street Medical Mile,” shared David Wilson, Shelby Baptist Medical Center President. He sees this initiative as a great way to bring awareness to what the medical community in Alabaster has been doing for many years now. “As the anchor of this medical district, we are pleased to partner with the City of Alabaster to help promote the medical services and healthcare professionals that are available to area residents,” he stated. He went on to say that he sees this as bringing awareness to the quality of care that Alabaster has to offer. “Last year,” he enthusiastically shared, “Shelby Baptist received the Blue Cross designation of Blue Distinction for Cardiac Care, Chest Pain Accreditation, the grade of “A” from the Leapfrog organization for patient safety and a Joint Commission Top Performer Award.” He went on to add- “I think the promotion of health care services through the Main Street Medical Mile, truly shows we are growing with our community.”

For Dr. Sunena Argo, with Alabama Allergy and Asthma Center, the Main Street Medical Mile is a wonderful asset to the community. “You can get everything done right here in Alabaster,” she said. Dr. Argo believes it makes sense for her to have an office on the mile. “The concentration of specilitze we have here is great for me and my patients. The specializes I almost always refer to are here so I can send them to a local doctor or clinic. Often times they do not even have to leave the building,” she happily said. Adding, “Here I meet them, the physicians, personally. It really helps to build relationships between the doctors and clinics.” It is not just about convenience either, it is about better care. “I have all the support I need right here, such as getting an extra consultation or having the hospital right here. It is all here,” she said.

It is this idea of better care with less hassle that is a driving force for Rakestraw. “It is our hope that the Main Street Medical Mile sparks an interested for residents to consider finding a local provider for their health care needs,” she stated. And with the added convenience of not traveling far. “Having a concentrated amount of all these specialty services allows you to not go downtown. It is just off of I-65, it is not like you are getting stuck in all that traffic downtown. You just exit off the interstate and there you are,” she noted. “Better care, less hassle.”